a year ago today

One year ago today (December 5th) I had a brain MRI that showed my cancer has spread in many different spots, one of the tumors being inoperable. We then had to schedule my second brain surgery, in-patient chemotherapy, and more radiation. The chances of me being here today were almost slim to none considering my cancer is so aggressive and quick.

About a week before my second surgery, I had another brain/spinal MRI… the inoperable tumor was not there and some of the spots were gone. Even all my doctors were shocked at how impossible that was. The only word for this is a miracle and it was very hard for me to understand that. But I am seriously beyond blessed to be here today continuing to fight cancer. I would not be able to do it without all of my amazing doctors at St. Jude and everyone who supports me.

“Nothing you have is because of luck or chance. It’s all due to God’s grace and favor.”


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