THE CMA’S!!!!!!

Let me tell you about the best night of my life!! So for Kelsea Ballerini’s first time attending the CMA’s as an artist, she invited ME to be her date!! The day before the CMA’s, I was reunited with Kelsea and we got to spend some time with each other and her crew. We picked out my dress with the help of Krista Roser, Kelsea’s stylist. The morning of the CMA’s, I got all glammed up by kelsea’s makeup artist Meegen Pearson. Once Kelsea and I were all ready, we walked the red carpet, which was sooooo much fun, like every girls dream. We got interviewed so many times and here are links to some of them: wsmvnashville ,

I was also reunited with Justin Timberlake and we got to meet his beautiful wife Jessica Biel!!! Me and JT singing together

I got the chance to meet many country artists, who were so down to earth and really nice people, I cant even thank Kelsea enough for letting me be a part of this huge night for her, and walking the red carpet, fan-girling, dancing, and crying with her. Now, when we had to say goodbye we both were balling, we are contagious criers so the tears kept coming. Kelsea is a TRUE friend and I love her so much. She knows that I am about to go through so much so she wanted me to have fun before I do that.

There are haters out there and people who call me “lucky” for all of this, or maybe that I don’t deserve all this attention….but you don’t see me when I’m sick, throwing up, too weak to walk, can’t eat, can’t sleep. Just know that when you’re complaining about your homework or how sore you are from practice.. there are people who wish they could have those small problems. I would trade all this attention that you’re so “jealous” of just to be cancer-free and live a normal life. Starting December I will be in the hospital for 4 months straight, that includes Christmas and New Years. So please think again before you say things.

BUT the positive comments outweigh the negative ones, so thank you to the people who are geniunley happy for me and praying for me.

IMG_9781IMG_9809IMG_9806IMG_9735IMG_9792 IMG_9744  IMG_9767


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