you never know when your last goodbye might be.

Yesterday January 5, 2016 one of my St. Jude friends Hannah Tate earned her angel wings. Cancer just took over her body. Just a couple weeks ago I saw Hannah at St.Jude and she was so happy because she was getting to go home. I hugged her goodbye- I would’ve never thought that would be the last time I’d see her. Hannah had to take on a tough battle, but with her faith cancer had nothing on her. I know Hannah is now cancer free in heaven, with many other St.Jude angels. I will miss you so much Hannah but we made memories together. Like when we got makeovers at St.Jude on my birthday, and signed autographs for the memphis grizzlies, all the selfies we took on your phone, talking about how much we both hate how radiation tastes  and it doesn’t make sense to anyone else…And I will hold on to those memories forever. I am so proud to have known you Hannah, I know you’re gonna be watching over us as we fight our battles.


tonight at St.Jude:

his will be done


2 thoughts on “Hannah

  1. Friends are such a blessing. Am so sorry for your loss. Glad you had the special times together. No one can take away the memories. We are praying so hard for you and your mom……friend of your Aunt Bev…..I feel like you are one of our family…. our last name also Jacobson. Praying that the spinal MRI is good……love and hugs….. Brenda Jacobson.


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