May update

It has been about 10 months since I’ve updated this blog. Im sorry I am really bad at remembering to do this!

Because my cancer is high grade, and has a high rate of recurrence, I have to go to St.Jude every 8 weeks to get brain and spine MRI’s. Monday, May 8th I had Brain and Spine MRI’s , and it showed the lesion that we found 8 weeks before has grown quickly, which has caused swelling in my brain. What i thought was gonna be just 2 days of scans/appointments turned into a whole week and a half of more Iv’s, more scans (MET/PET), and more appointments. As of right now, I am not symptomatic, so I will not be having surgery right away.  I am having more scans in 8 weeks. The time period in between is watching and waiting, but mostly praying . At the end of my crazy week, I Graduated May 12 from St. Jude, and May 18 from Houston High school. I am very blessed to say that. Four years ago, I was told it would be a Miracle if I made it to my high school graduation. I am very blessed to still be here today, celebrating my Graduation(s). I also want to say thank you so much to everyone who has kept me in their prayers, please keep them coming!!


One thought on “May update

  1. Allie, my husband Hans and I always keep you and your family in our prayers. We have become very close to your NJ family over the years and keep up with you via them or Facebook and we were also honored to meet you at the farm when you came up last year. You are an extraordinary young woman and we only hope for happiness and good health in your life. We pray that happens. Keep reaching for the stars, Allie. You have guardian angels here on earth that you don’t even realize who are praying for you daily and sending only positive thoughts your way. xo ❤

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